Knot Yacht: a 12′ speedster

FL120 Knot YachtKnot Yacht (own design) was inspired by the i550 sportboat.  This 12′ speedster was the most fun boat I ever built.  It passed many a larger and faster boat on the water.  I used it for the 2011 Florida 120 which also turned out to be the year we had a lot of wind and was generally the first boat to arrive at each stop.  Did suffer from a rudder breaking (fixed en route) and then the cheap flagpole mast I scrounged from a dumpster gave up 1 mile short of the finish after 4 days of incredible abuse.  This boat, like Queequeg’s coffin, succumbed to a combination of cheap plywood and poor ventilation in the sole and had to be cut up.  Was sorely tempted to build a little bigger version with some more freeboard and a cabin.


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