Mighty Mouse: a big 8′ mouseboat

2012-09-15 17.08.15Another mouseboat variant but designed by John Bell to be a tender for a larger boat.  Has nice freeboard, 46″ beam, and 500lb carrying capacity on an 8′ boat.  This is a fairly new build and I only sailed it a few times but was overall impressed with the hull design.  The V bottom hull with its chines in the water and vertical sides is surprisingly stable in the water but creates barely a ripple as it goes along.  My boat has fore and aft storage with side airtanks but enough width in the cockpit for my wife and I to sit comfortably side by side and sail or electric motor about.  What is amazing about this boat is how sturdy but yet extremely light it is thanks in part to the tortured plywood shape of the hull.  This boat inspired me to my newest cruising boat design which will be detailed in the rest of this blog.

Mighty Mouse equipped with the roller lug sail.

Mighty Mouse equipped with the roller lug sail.

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