Holder 20

In a previous post, I talked about selling my Compac Suncat and replacing it with a Holder 20. In hindsight, I kinda regret selling the Suncat though, admittedly, I am in a different place in my boating life as you will see as I continue to catch my blog up to the current happenings. The Holder 20 was a wonderfully fast boat but with a punishing layout to the cockpit and especially the cabin. Terry Green named his Holder 20 “Bruiser” just because of this aspect…something I didn’t realize until I purchased the boat. The Holder 20 also sailed more like a dingy requiring active efforts by the skipper to use his/her weight to trim out the boat. Was very exhausting to sail in the swirly winds we have on Allatoona. It also wasn’t a good boat to take the family out to relax on the lake with. Ended up selling her just a year after purchase.

Only picture I found showing my Redneck bimini setup on the Holder.

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