Hunter 27-2

My wife, Laura, mentioned how she would like a bigger boat than the Holder 20 we were currently sailing and the Compact Suncat. Wanted something that was roomier for the family and had an enclosed head (bathroom for you landlubbers). This boat would live on the lake so no need for a trailer. I could build another boat that I could take on the road for my sailing adventures. She accompanied me on the boat hunt and we were both sold on a 1989 Hunter 27 we found at Lake Lanier. We loved the open transom, standing headroom, enclose head, and open layout of the boat. We had some adventures, including the need for a bottom job, getting it to Lake Allatoona but, in 2013, we had a new more comfortable boat. It has proven an excellent boat being both comfortable and surprisingly fast sailor despite the high freeboard. We still own this boat but are looking to sell it not wanting to pay slip fees anymore.

Evidently, Lake Lanier breeds blisters. Paid almost as much for a new bottom job as we did to purchase the boat in the first place!
Excellent boat for Lake Allatoona with its shoal draft and comfortable accommodations. Made a great “Cabin on the Lake.”
New forestay in 2016, sails in 2017, and other upgrades over the years.
Open cabin. Have had seven people down below at that table when overnighting with our sailing club on some colder winter days.
Under new sails

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